time’s so fast

I took a leave last Friday. During the week, my cousin Nique and her dad asked me to accompany them. They’ll be coming from Baguio, about 7 hours ride to Manila.  And so yes, I  have to take the day off. I’m happy to, of course, to get in touch with cousins and uncles.

Our meet up was a bit complicated that time. We initially decided to meet at 6am at a train station, but we didn’t meet in a train station and we didn’t meet at 6am. Haha! Anyway, four hours after our supposed meeting, we were in the building that we were supposed to go. Cousin Nique has gained weight, but that doesn’t matter. She’s lovely.

That day was tiresome. They have to bear with the heat and humidity in this city, unlike Baguio which has a cooler air.

Traffic is mean when it’s heavy. It’s like we spent half the day on travel, and half the day on what we’re trying to accomplish.

More to come…We’re planning to visit the Manila American Memorial.


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