feuilette and coffee

I arrived early at the office, and didn’t have bread for breakfast. So I turned on the  coffeemaker to brew coffee  and walked across the street to buy  pandesal (common bread for Filipinos). That time, the bakery didn’t have it yet, so I just scouted  for something to eat. Right in front of me  in a small  black cardboard, chicken mushroom feuilette. Without hesitation I ordered one to-go.

Now I put creamer and a little sugar in my coffee. Here’s the feuilette half eaten…

It’s kind of weird having coffee and eating alone..

The combination was palatable.

But sometimes it’s helpful,  when you own serenity, peace and calmness for a moment. It’s a gratifying quietness that I felt.

Plus the rich aroma and taste of coffee, it is a nice way to start a morning!


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