Care for eyes

Yesterday, I  went  for some eyeglass shopping after my work. I was looking for a lens that would have UV protection and anti-glare. I have 8 hours of work, that means I usually face the computer for about 6-8 hours a day. More chances of eye stress.

My eyes were checked and the eye doctor said I have 50/50 vision. During the check up, I noticed I can’t read well the bottom of the chart where the small letters were written. That made me think that it’s not normal already. I need to get the glasses.

I’m now wearing the eyeglass. It’s a bit inconvenient cause it’s sticking right there in my nose. It seem to get heavy the longer it stays there. Anyway, I’m glad it helps with the UV protection.

And so…

•Take care of your eyes. They are one of our most valuable organ.

•Have a regular eye checkup, you never know .

•Stay healthy–eat right!

•Wear sun glasses that have 100 percent UV protection when going out.

• Quit smoking–it accelerates and increases the risk of having cataracts–which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have.

Have a good day!


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