Check up

9:30 PM: We had to take Summer last night to the vet.

The other day, she was uneasy. Like she wanted to pee but nothing comes out. And then she would pee inside the house, which wasn’t her usual habit. She usually pee outside, in the soily areas in the backyard. I have a feeling she has a UTI.

Luckily the vet was from our hometown, and was so friendly to accommodate us. He put our dog in his working table, touched the bladder, and then he felt something. He said she has a stone in her gall bladder. Oh my. I asked if it was common to dogs that he checked before. He said it’s not so common,  especially that Summer is below one year.

He then advised to increase her water intake. And then prescribed a medication for a month and then will take her back to see if the stone has shrunk . I’m hoping it would. I don’t want her to undergo an operation. huh?

So, it’s water.

Like we, we need to drink more water. It helps.


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