These are the times that Summer sits still and let me take her picture. Most of the time, she never pose for the camera. She jumps at me when she sees me holding it.

This time she’s running away from me but I got time to click the shutter. And once again…SLLURP!

They had just actually finished their bath. Meanwhile…..

This little fellow, Hannibal, have opted to have a sun tan--like there is sun tan for dogs haha!  But maybe because he was shivering after the cool bath.

He doesn’t want the water. Or maybe he should just get used to it. I have to hold him firm when he needs bathing.

I found this one time.

They dug in the soiled area in the backyard.

Looks like she’s asking for help. Must have been one of toys of the former family who stayed in our apartment.

It’s one of their favorites.


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