Talents I admire

Photographers that I admire..

I came across Jonathan on his Vibrant photography blog. Love the unique style, the drama in every photo.

And this couple- – from The Image is found . Amazing perspective!

And Justin Hackworth. Check him out, beautiful shots!

When it comes to travel photos, I am a fan of The Carey Adventures. His shenanigans are producing fantastic pictures.

And Karen’s  chookooloonks blog which I read each day is interesting. She’s a writer and a photographer. Takes nice portraits.

The first blog that inspired me to start my own? It’s The Pioneer Woman. She’s so versatile, from keeping a household to photography. I love her family saga.

I also adore photos of  Quiet Life. Lovely photos, and sweet mom.

I came across Angie Arthur from IHeartfaces. Talented photographer.

Still have more…and they are are all good, they have their own style, own presentation.

I am still learning photography. Each day. And I would love to have photoshop one day too.


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