When it rains…

It’s been raining almost everyday.


When it rains…

• I feel the city is being cleaned..just the normal rain that we need..otherwise we would be flooded.

• I smell the coolness in the air..the scent a mixture of soil and plants..

• There will be a little bonfire in our backyard..I love bonfires..and the warm feeling the fire

• I’m usually comfortable watching the tv, having a warm cup of milk or milk + chocolate, waiting to doze off. Otherwise I’ll be reading a book.I don’t stay long when reading at night, my eyes have become “poor” lately. Might go for an eye check up sometime. Ok, back to the rain. ☺

• It helps me sleep soundly ♥

• I feel homesick.. that’s when I’m doing nothing and just sitting.

• Sometimes play with rainwater..the water’s cold and it feels soapy.

There are a lot ..but those are what came to mind today. I’m stuck to reading some online blogs this morning. Came across a lot of talents on photography. Inspiring!


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