Saturday tasks

My Saturday tasks started in this order..

1. Do the laundry

2. Bathe Summer and Hannibal

3. Iron clothes.

4. Fix , fix and fix.

After lunch Gal accidentally cut his finger with a cutter. It was bleeding so fast that I felt dizzy looking at the blood gushing from his finger. I didn’t know what to do at first. I hurriedly looked for a band aid but saw none so I went to buy at a store in the neighborhood. It was I’m sure deep, so we decided to go to a clinic so they’ll stitch it.

We went to Tagig Doctors hospital, and they sutured it. He was injected for anti tetanus, and was prescribed antibiotic capsules for a week.

I told him to be careful next time.

So guys, always be careful.

Have a happy Sunday!


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