Be prepared

A strong typhoon hit us around 1am Wednesday. It was so strong that I felt our roof will go off in any minute. I was scared. I found myself asking the Lord to keep us safe, and that the strong wind would cease. The frightening sound of the wind kept me awake..we have to let Summer and Hannibal stay inside otherwise they might be struck with something…I can’t even remember how I slept again.

We didn’t have power. That was normal for strong typhoons. Electrical posts and trees get hit and uprooted. On my way to work, the roads were a mess. Tree branches and signboards were destroyed. It was cloudy, I just heard int he radio that the almost all of Metro Manila have no power.

I arrived in the office early. Claire was not there. I waited at 8am..then 8:30..waiting for a notice if we are to open the office for work. I couldn’t get through the power supplier to ask for news when the power will be restored. Then I received the call that I can go home. That was good.

Going back to our place, the tent we installed just last month was torn at the sides. I still felt weak from lack of sleep. I slept for maybe half an hour..woke up and still no power.

That night we had bonfire using the branches from our neighbor’s tree which fell in our yard. It was fine and fun though. No power and just flames of the fire lit the area. I felt a good silence that time.

Power resumed around 11pm. That was I’m in bed already.


2 thoughts on “Be prepared

    1. Thanks Kiana. It was a difficult week. But I thank God we are ok. I did write your sister too..hope she’s ok.


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