Our new pup

Meet our new pup Hannibal. It wasn’t his first name, but Gal and I decided on it afterward.

He is from our neighbor 2 houses away. Small, black, and a fighter. He hasn’t been two months yet, not even old enough to be separated from his family, but they gave him anyway.

But he is a fighter. I repeat. He eats what Summer eats, well except for chicken bones that is one of Summer’s favorites.

He came not knowing who he is in our small simple abode.

Although Summer is bigger than he is, he’s not bothered at all. He growls in his most menacing look whenever they share a plate of food.  Sharing is not in his vocabulary.

He fears nothing but thunder and Gal’s thumping of his feet.

On the other hand, Summer allows Hannibal to dominate. He is absolutely small but terrible.(pun intended)

Still, I love them both. He is family too.


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