Mondays remind me that there’s a full week ahead to work.

But I’m not bothered. shhhhhh.

I’m not the career-type girl you would find in the corporate world. It doesn’t also mean that I’m not opening doors to career growth. And it also doesn’t mean my life is all boring.

I’m just simply the ordinary girl doing almost the same routine duties my employer expects me to.  Well, sometimes I feel I need to have a vacation blast, or a breather sometime.

Maybe next year. If given the opportunity.

After Gal’s parents and my parents talked about our engagement, I was expecting a lot of burden on the budget and planning aspect. That’s when you decide to choose a church wedding.  I haven’t started the list yet on the must-haves or the to do’s or the shopping, or the invitation. None yet.

But I only have the color in mind. Pink………….. and brown.

I love the contrast. In my own opinion.

But a good thing to think about.

The question I’m having right now is:

Who will officiate?



Who should be invited?

Entourage? Although I’m not really banking on the complete entourage. It will be a personalized one.

Uhm..the list goes on. Internet is soooo slow this time.

See you tomorrow!


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