Photography and learning

I want to have a camera. A DSLR. I want to study more on photography, learn tips,  and take photos.

Shoot, shoot, shoot.

Right now, I only have this point and shoot that’s not even mine. Haha!

When my interest in photography started those past few weeks, I craved more for a good DSLR camera. I’ve read in a blog article that it’s not the camera that makes the photographer; it’s the photographer who makes the photographer. I never had photography classes, I’m learning through experience and reading other blogs.

What I learned in photography:

1.You appreciate beauty in anything.

2.You discover things you haven’t encountered  before.

3.You learn to be creative.

4. You see things from a new perspective.

5. Sometimes you look like a fool, lying on the ground, squatting, and your positions are sometimes ridiculous. But you never know what comes out of it.

6. You develop a hunger for you take a photo each day, you find a way and figure out more. There’s no limit for learning!

7. You learn to play with how light affects a photo from a unique angle at different time settings.

8. You meet the words Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

Aperture: Large aperture=more light  enters the camera=shallow depth of field=blurry background=low f number

Small aperture=less light enters the camera=large depth of field=everything in focus=big f number

And more…..the list goes on. Have to stop here, work is waiting.

Here are my sisters with their morning faces:

Silly smile, she just woke up.

Shy. I have to persuade her to smile for me.



Good day everyone!


2 thoughts on “Photography and learning

    1. Yes it is Kiana..too bad my PS CS4 expired..I tried the trial version haha.
      Thanks for reading still..
      Have a nice day!


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