Teng-ab visit

While we still have time left, we decided to visit Teng-ab in the afternoon. Teng-ab is a 10-minute tricycle ride from Bontoc.

We have to pay P100.00 for the tricycle fare, for 5 persons.

I saw some flowers.


This looks thin and cottony and soft.

Then we found a seat, a big marble stone. Gal insisted I take the photo from this side, so it will be overlooking the town of Bontoc. But it looks far far away.

That beard is heading a long way! haha

Gal volunteered to take some shots. Take 1.

Take 2.

Then all of us.

And more. That’s Sheenlie, Lance and Queena. Lance is Gal’s nephew.

As we’re heading up, we saw an old brown St. Bernard. He really looks old, walks old, and doesn’t mind that we’re there. I thought he would bark on us, and he was huge. But he’s gentle, and appeared silent despite our presence. Lance has no fears on dogs. Look at my sisters, oh my, scared.

Looks like they have a special bond the first day they met.

Goodbye St. Bernard, we have to get going.. I don’t want to get caught in the rain.

We hurried to the exit gate. But the rain started spattering, oblivious to us.  We look for some shade.

There was none. We still ran.

Then we saw a tricycle, it was parked on the side of the road. We have no choice but to get in.

Thank goodness, we waited for around 30 minutes until we found our way to Bontoc again.


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