Accidents happen

It’s good to be back here, yet missing some things.

I had no internet access for 3 days. I was in the province, and that was something important, for me, for Gal, and of course for the whole family. Three days of rain too. Three days of fresh air.

Ok let me go through Day 1.

Our trip going to Baguio was unexpected. Our bus was hit by a van. They’re a Korean family and must be tourists sighting for a vacation.

When we had a quick stop over for passengers to go for a pee.

Then we heard a loud clash, I felt like there was an explosion at the rear part of the bus. It was so strong I got so nervous. Then Gal hurriedly got outside, then checked the back. I don’t want to wait for what happened. So I took off.

Then I saw there was a family inside. Four kids, plus the father and mother. The kid’s noses were bleeding. And the father was unconscious for about 5 minutes.

They have to let them all out, otherwise they’d suffocate.

Thanks to these helping hands.

We found out their dad was sleeping while driving. So be careful  guys.

Stay safe always!


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