A night at the Pavilion

Three complimentary pass.

Dinner and entertainment.

It’s a June 10 event, and since it is at no cost to us, the three of us gladly went.

It was raining when we went there. We stopped here for a while to dry our umbrellas.

This is what my sandal looked like. Gosh my nails are unpolished.

This is an eye-catcher. It was situated near the entrance, looked like a mini fountain of some sort. The red glow was mesmerizing.

Claire was looking for a table where the food is accessible, haha!

And we settled at table # 10. It is  June 10.

The flower arrangement at the table.

Ate Rose, the church housekeeper looked satisfied. She has been loved by our parish rectors–previous and present. She is adept  in taking care of them, plus the tasty cooking!

The dinner was catered by the Jade Vine Restaurant. Elegant glasses and nice set up.

One of my favorites that night. Didn’t take the rest for food photos otherwise they’d gawk at me haha!

After dinner, the dancers started to come up stage. We were three tables away from the stage so I have to neck my way for a better sight.

The Pandanggo sa ilaw dance. They dance balancing a glass on top of their head and hands. Whew!

This scared me at first. They dance through piled benches.

The most popular tinikling dance. Glad some of the crowd joined in the stage. This dance has a rhythm that keeps getting faster so you have to go with the beat so your feet won’t get caught between the bamboo clashing.

All in all..we enjoyed the night.

And were full.

The End…


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