Two years after…

I love Wednesdays.

Because I work only half of the day. That means I can still do things the the rest of the day.

I have to buy some things on the supermarket so I dropped by the mall on my way home.

Last night Gal and I went to visit aunt Jenny (wife of dad’s cousin), whom I bumped into yesterday morning at a bread store. They’re staying in another town Bayombong (12 hours from here). Her dad died(at the age of 66) so she has to come for the wake. The burial will be after a week. I was glad I saw her since I haven’t been in contact with her for a long time. We actually stayed in one apartment before, with her two kids Nicole and Aron. They looked bigger now.

She was ok, maybe because she wants her dad to rest. He has suffered from a series of heart attacks. We talked about silly things, things that make us reminisce and laugh.

They say, there are two things in life we cannot avoid. Death and taxes.


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