Going home

It’s 5:10pm yesterday when I took off the office. Took this shot when I passed by the gate.

Then I heard Anny call me, she’s a  friend from the 2nd floor office.

There she is, smiling, froze her walking, and aimed for a side view pose.

We found dried leaves on the driveway.

This is the Catholic church across the street. The Santuario de San Antonio parish.

Anny said goodbye.

Bye Anny.

Am waiting for a ride home.

Hmmm, another news to me when I came home. Longest day? Summer solstice?

Since we are in the Northern hemisphere, we’ll be under summer solstice. In short, the night is shortened,  the day is lengthened. Short night, long day. Those in the Southern hemisphere will experience winter solstice, it’s just the other way around. Cool. I just found it when Gal noted that in the calendar. I’m really deficient in facts when it comes to what’s out there, outside the earth. haha!


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