The goodness of writing

It’s Tuesday.

Yet I still feel it’s Monday.

My drive for office work has slackened. Was it because of this writing and reading thing? I just want to sit all day, read, and read, and write. In my world, that will never be the case.

I sure lack a lot of things when it comes to writing. I haven’t been to any seminars, workshops, discussions groups needed to hone the skill of writing.. name it. Nonetheless, writing draws me to a different world. A world where you can create anything, a character, a soul, and make them yours…virtual or real. And when you enter this world, your mind works, you begin to be curious, you chase for answers, you dig deeper on your inner self…and the inspiration flows with you.

It is a learning development.

It is when you express honestly that you free your mind.

That’s why I write.


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