The betel addiction

Chewing betel leaf, with the areca nut, and mixed with lime is common in my province. You can add dried tobacco for added flavor. This can be really addicting.

The areca nut.

Cut the nut into half, then dehusk it. It can be a bit difficult to get the thing out without including the hard crust.

Tobacco and betel leaf.

Lime. It looks like cornstarch.

Mix all together and chew. Sorry for posting this.

Mixture can be:

half areca nut (if small size)

pinch of lime

1 medium size betel leaf

tobacco – small cut (optional)

You will feel a burning sensation, it keeps you warm. If it’s your first time you will feel dizzy, you will perspire like you’re in a sauna. But despite the physical feel of it, you will notice a fresh breath.  The betel leaf is actually a breath freshener.

This practice is customary in my native homeland, and it is needed for cold climates.


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