a Saturday out..

Yesterday, we’re supposed to accomplish three things.

Attend a birthday.

Buy ten lanzones seedlings.

And, buy a plastic cover for our backyard.

We completed only two.

After planning to get out at 10:30am, we left at 11:15. It rained so we waited until the rain ceased. The highway to Laguna was  traffic. We have to pass by the horns and toots of jeepneys, privates cars, and buses. I thought Saturdays are traffic-free, but we never know. 

Anyway, when we got out of the passenger van, it was raining. Then we headed to St. Joseph’s Village where Eric, the friend of Gal, is staying. It is Eric’s 41st birthday by the way. We arrived when they were already having lunch, but still joined them anyway. We dined quick. Eric’s wife who just came from Dubai kept on telling stories about her work. She stayed there for two years, and told us that you really have to be tough when you are out of your comfort zone. I agree!

We stayed for another hour before heading to a store where they sell the vinyl items.

It’s much cheaper here than at the malls. The store name is Alberto’s.

These samples are outside the store.

We bought 7 ½ yards of this green thing, haha. This man who have his own sewing machine at the front store gains a lot. Those who have specific measurements can just go this man, yes this man. I don’t know his name. huh?

Have to wait for 30 minutes for him to finish. what?

But it turned out ok.

On our way  home, caught sight of this. I loved how the clouds scattered that afternoon, after the rain.

It’s just lovely. It’s around 5pm when I got this.


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