Indulging in organic products

Sharing you some of my favorite organic products!
Very nice toner. It doesn’t sting your skin. So refreshing, I can smell the moringa scent, so herbal.

I am now using the peppermint lip balm. It has a minty feel upon application. Just bought the new choco vanilla flavor, hmmm..choco!

I love this very much, the fact that it has aloe vera makes it a very good soothing cleanser.

My favorite scent is the watermelon! Gosh, how I love squirting this thing on my hand! The sweet smell is so addicting.

I both love the two scents. Incredibly moisturizing as body wash, very nice! Makes my skin so silky after a shower.

I also love their hair conditioners!

Why I love these organic stuffs?

Ever since reading the effects of harmful chemicals in our body, I wish the study had been made before I was born. haha!

Here is one of the commonly used harmful chemicals that we haven’t thought is dangerous.

1. Sodium lauryl sulfate/Sodium laureth sulfate:
Chemical surfactant.
Used for foaming and cleansing, and since they are cheap, they are commonly used.
According to studies, SLS strips off your skin’s natural moisture barrier irritating and eroding your skin, leaving it rough, pitted and dry.
SLS is also absorbed into the body and is known to mimic the hormone estrogen potentially posing health risks such as PMS and menopausal symptoms, dropping male fertility, and even increase in breast cancer.
While it may be slightly less irritating, it may also pose more danger as it cannot be metabolized by the liver, making the side effects much longer lasting.
Many studies have indicated the various long-term effects of these surfactants. SLS not only can penetrate the skin but can also be retained in the eye, brain, and heart.

Whew! That’s a lot.
Very informative.

Even if it makes you on the qui vive for your personal products’ ingredients, it’s worth it.


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