It was a sunny morning, too hot actually. Humid. As early as 6:30am, the heat is on!
I have to bring an umbrella. Yes, it’s a must, a necessity, haha.

As soon as I entered the church compound, I scouted the area for anything colorful. Anything interesting.
Felt a bit disappointed seeing few of them. Only these common flowers, plus the bougainvillea you’ve seen earlier.

Pink. Again. You’ll see lots of pink in my post haha. One of my favorite colors.

Two flowers.

The inside looks soft and fragile. Muted.

The outside edge is somewhat red.

This is also beautiful. Young and lively.

No idea what this is, but it can be a flower soon.

It looks like a fruit.

The madagascar jasmine. They are fashioned into bouquets for weddings!


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