Simple bell pepper dish

Try this tasty simple recipe that I’m sure you’ll love. No complicated ingredients!

Now get your bell peppers. Cut them.

Core the white thing in the center where the seeds are connected. Weird shape huh?

Take time to smell the nice bell pepper-y scent.

Cut the bell pepper according to your desired size. Don’t worry of having uneven cuts.

Now, prepare the soy sauce and the Magic Sarap seasoning granules. You can find these in Asian stores.

I chose this because it has a nice meaty flavor, you can even use this on any vegetable you cook.

Meanwhile, my naughty pooch Summer wants my attention…please keep quiet just for a while.

Now put some corn oil on a heated skillet.

I know. I’ve used that skillet on an earlier dish. It stuck on the pan.

Drop the bell peppers. Stir for about a minute.

Sprinkle the seasoning granules. Stir it to mix.

Add the soy sauce. Made a hole in the opening cover to make it easier. Hmmm…hmmm, savor the smell, it’s so good.

Stir for another minute and put on serving plate.

Voila! Ready to eat. Simple and tasty!


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