Summer goes to market…

This is the last weekend that my two sisters who are visiting from the province get to stay here. Since it’s Saturday and sunny, I urged my sisters, although compelled a bit, to join me and Gal to the market. They don’t want to go out into the sun, albeit it’s a good time to go there since the sun’s not 90º yet. Hmm..they’re avoiding sunburn.

We have to drag  Summer with us. It’s her first time to join the market troop.

She doesn’t like to be dragged or yanked..but we don’t yank her. We are soft..

This is a picture inside the market, it’s tented so the girls were ok with it. Lot of fruits to choose from, bananas, mangoes, watermelons, cucumbers..hmmm. The sight is refreshing and it relieved a bit our perspiring bodies.

Meanwhile, Summer stays chained in her yellow shackle. Have to teach her to’s her first time going out with lots of people. I wonder if she’s excited in this place.

She’s getting hot too, maybe. Look how she’s reaching up to the mango shake my sister is holding.

We stopped here to get our vegetable supply. We bought carrots, potatoes, large green bell peppers.

I noticed some strange vegetables..

This might be common to those in the high lands, but I honestly don’t know this..

Another one..

I know I only see green cabbage, but this is a new color. ..haha

And last, where do they use this? Lovely color.

We took off once we got what we needed.


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