They grow

The transformation of the banana heart in our backyard amazes me. The earlier post of it is under the blog title Of Plants. Instead of the 3 tiers that are opened 3 days ago, I watched how it unfolded another three hands.
I wonder if the whole tree can hold the weight of it when they are fully ripe.

Beautiful isn’t it? They are smooth green fingers..and they have these yellow thing attached at the end. Haha..don’t know the name.

Closer picture.

Again. Don’t get tired seeing this. I love this fruit.

See, lovely!

Seems filled in with water.

And this water droplets. Yes we call it dew. The leaf doesn’t absorb it, but it leaves a fresh and crystal look to it.

Sorry, it’s blurry.

Ok this is the last of this image..I really love the water …


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