My sister’s birthday 2

The following day after ‘spaghetti’ night, the two girls and Gal came to church. Skeeter, my usher friend greeted them generously.

They joined the service,  and they’re too quiet. It was Pentecost. It means the 50th day after Easter. And, we wear red. But I didn’t wear red, too hot for summer.

After the service, we headed to Marketmarket mall. It feels good to feel aircon during these hot summer humid days..whew!

Queena picked Chowking first but we didn’t see available tables when we got there. We ended up at Tokyo Tokyo.

We ate the sushi juice is so tempting when I ordered at the counter.

Sheenlie trying out the chopstick. Those balloons came from the church. (It’s red)

She ordered chicken karaage and my Gal Chicken Yakitori.

Are you that scary in the movie?

To the movies!

They didn’t want to see this, but they did take a picture with Freddy Kruger.

I did, too.

We went anyway. The girls have been so scared during the movie. Haha!

They deserve cool drinks.  We went for  the  flavored shakes from Taho Boy. Their products come from soya beans.

Queena chose Sweet corn, Gal the Leche Flan (a native delicacy), Sheen and I the chocolate flavor. Queena loves those balloons..yey!

And a last drop at Red Ribbon’s.

I love this cherry-topped White Forest.


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