I know this usually happens to a child. But a friend commented on me a couple of times.

At first it seems ridiculous, like saying ‘that ain’t right?’ But when I look back how I say things to her, I must have come to the point of being an adult whiner, haha!

And she hates me when I do it. She said it’s infectious.

Conscious about my attitude, I googled  “whining.”

Here are some of best the advice I read:

1. “I try to ignore whining, then I try to explain why my son shouldn’t whine, then I cajole, threaten and finally… I whine!”

2. “My best advice: Let your ‘no’ mean no and your ‘yes’ mean yes. Giving in to whining just perpetuates the habit.”

3. “If my children whine, I make it clear that I did not understand what they’ve said—even if I have. They soon realize that they must speak in an acceptable way (i.e. moderate tone and proper enunciation). When they speak in an appropriate way, they are acknowledged and addressed. When they whine, they are misunderstood and unanswered.”

4. “By whining, our children learn that we will then pay attention to them. It’s not their tone of voice that we should be reinforcing. We really can avoid the problem with better listening skills and hopefully they will no longer feel the need to indulge the nasty whining habit.”

5. “My house is full of kids with a sense of humor. If they whine, I whine right back. ‘But, Mooooom…,’ they drag on. ‘But, daaarlings…,’ I yodel. Usually they are sick of me first. Victory!”

6. “Do you notice that whining polls do not allow for any answer involving actually trying to find why the child is whining? Is it because the poller/s assume a child is doing it only to annoy grown-ups?”

It’s not actually whining. The  best way I can elucidate it, is because I’m just being honest. Being honest of what I feel. Don’t I deserve it, to vent my frustrations, my pain, even physically?


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